Wednesday, August 29, 2012

PEDs in Major League Baseball

In recent baseball news, Melky "The Melk Man" Cabrera was suspended 50 games for violating the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. In other words, Cabrera had been using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). He had this to say about the suspention: "My positive test was the result of my use of a substance I should not have used. .. I am deeply sorry for my mistake." He doesn't seem too phased to me. The numbers Cabrera was putting up should have been a red flag in the first place. What players like Melky are trying to accomplish is a big time contract in the later stages of their careers. After the MVP caliber season Melky was having, the Giants or another contending team would have offered him a healthier contract. Brian Cashman, General Manager of the Yankees, said he was not surprised that two of his former players, Cabrera and Colon, were found to have elevated levels of testosterone levels because of the surgeries and treatment they were receiving in other countries.

When I think back to last season's PED case which involved the National League MVP Ryan Braun, he got away with murder in the baseball world. Braun didn't receive any suspension and was still able to hang on to the honors of MVP after a steriod season only becuase of the way the drug test was handled. The only differnece between Cabrera and Braun is that Braun was able to wipe the asterisk off his numbers becuase he got lucky. This makes me wonder how many players in Major League Baseball are actually "clean." The question I am proposing is: what would happen if 80% of players were on PEDs? Bud Selig can't suspend the steriod generation becuase the profit means too much. Fans come to the ballpark to see 500 foot homeruns and 98 MPH fastballs. On the other hand, PEDs can't be allowed because some careers are too special to tarnish, i.e Derek Jeter. I think there are still many issues that need to be addressed about the drug policy in professional baseball. Players will always find a way to beat the system.

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