Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Washington Nationals

...and with the first pick of the 2009 MLB draft the Washington Nationals select Stephen Strasburg. After cruising through the minor leagues in 2010, Strasburg injured his elbow and was forced to get Tommy John surgury. Strasburg is viewed as a once-in-a-generation pitching prospect and to protect his career the Nationals came up with the Strasburg Rules in the beginning of the season that limited their ace to 160 innings. Thus far, Strasburg has pitched 133.1 innings. The Nationals have the best record in the Major Leagues after 116 games (72-44); with 46 games remaining, Strasburg can potentially get 9 more starts. According to the Strasburg Rules, Stephen is only eligible to pitch approximately 27 more innings, which is only 5 more starts at 5 IP each start.

Davey Johnson and the Washington Nationals not only have a chance to win their division but they are also capable of winning the World Series this year. By the nature of the game, to win the world series is an incredibly difficult task. The contending franchise can't just tell themselves that they will win it next year; teams have gone 86 years without a World Series ring i.e. the Red Sox. This is why I feel like it is foolish to shut down maybe the most dominant pitcher in baseball and not give yourself the best chance to win the game of his start. He should be the pitcher on the bump for game one of the postseason. The opposing arguement has concern for the health of Strasburg in the long run. My point is, in the long run what is 220 IP compared to 160 IP? If the Nationals were to cut off Strasburg at 160 IP and did not win the World Series and Strasburg had a career ending injury in his first start next season, the Strasburg Rules would be all for nothing. Strasburg has suffered no pain or discomfort thus far. Why not let him go until he does? If anything maybe he could miss a couple starts from now until the postseason but he should have the ball in his hand when the game is on the line.

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  1. Thats all great, but if you are running an organization you have to realize who Strasburg is. It's not even about the surgery that makes the Nationals want to shut him down, it's his lack of innings. Longevity for a pitcher is built over time, and he is just a young kid who's arm cannot handle that influx of innings. He threw only 44 innings last season in the majors and minors combined and because his arm action is so violent he has a huge risk of injury without proper condition. Not just his elbow, but his shoulder, rotator cuff, labrum, all the muscles he throws with just are not conditioned to throw an entire season AND postseasons worth of innings. Pitchers are highly susceptible to injury when they face a massive increase of innings. This lead to him tearing his ulnar ligament consequently missing all of last season. Its just like any other 24 y.o prospect, you HAVE TO limit the innings, just no way around it.
    Yeah the Nat's may be missing out on a postseason run this year, but would a single years run be worth risking the whole career of a future hall of famer? I think not. I think the fans would rather see 10 years worth of October run's rather than only one. Attendence would never be an issue, because you know the fan base will always come out to see the electric harper, and strasburg himself. The nat's farm system is stacked, and with the emergence of prospects like Harper, Storen, and lombordozzi; why take the risk when the future is so bright? Jayson Werth already has a ring so he aint maddddddd.
    Bottom line:
    Kid's gotta sit